Wardrobe Corsets: Wardrobe corsets are designed for tight lacing and extended wear. They are constructed with spiral steel boning, flat/spring steel boning next to the grommets and busk for additional support, and steel busks for quality. The flexible spiral steel boning helps conform the corset to your shape for added comfort. Three layers of fabric are used to construct the corsets for quality and durability.  A high quality cotton is used for the inner layer, and waist tape is sewn along the center of the corset.

Lifetime Guarantee:  Our wardrobe corsets are produced by a US company.  They are designed to hold up to everyday wear, and come with a lifetime guarantee - should you find a manufacturer's defect you are welcome to return the corset to us. We guarantee that the busk and bones will not break and seams will not rip with normal wear. If a defect has occurred within 45 days of your purchase we'll be glad to credit shipping costs both ways using standard shipping... US retail customers only. Please be sure to provide us with a valid tracking number for your order.  Outside of the 45 day period, wholesale orders, and international orders, we ask that you cover return shipping fees.  What's Not Covered:  As with any high quality item of clothing you might find that your corset experiences some wear and tear over time.  Showing casual wear is not covered by our warranty but any excessive wear or wear / tear that occurs too soon is covered.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you're not sure what is covered.

Corset Type and Fit:  Wardrobe corsets will give most body types a beautiful hourglass shape.  An under bust corset will pull in the waist and push the breasts up.  An over bust corset will pull in the waist and give the breasts a more pushed in look; (please be aware that this may increase cleavage).  Over bust corsets include a modesty panel, side lacing over the hip area, and come in three cup sizes:  S (cup size A & B);  M (cup size C); and L (cup size D-DD). 

When to order a long under bust corset:  This corset is designed for those with longer torsos and wider hips (like triangle and hourglass body shapes).  The center front is a maximum of 13.5" long, and you should measure at least 11" from under bust to lap in order to sit comfortably.  Avoid this corset if you have a torso 10" or less in height, unless you only plan to wear the corset while standing.

Wardrobe Corset Sizing:   Your corset size will be between 3 -4" less than your waist measurement. Your waist measurement should be taken at the smallest part of your waist, usually just above the navel. Measure snugly but not too tight and then refer to the sizing chart to determine your size.  Do not worry about your hip measurement as corsets that cover the hip have adjustable side lacing.  Example:  31” waist – 3" = Corset size 28

Note: If your under bust is only 1” more than, equal to, or less than your waist measurement you’ll need to go down an entire size.  Example:
31” (waist) – 3" = Corset size 28
32” or less (under bust) = Corset size 26

Period-Correct Reenacting Corsets

 An 1870 American corset from the Royal Worcester Corset Company - constructed in cotton, metal, and bone (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

An 1870 American corset from the Royal Worcester Corset Company - constructed in cotton, metal, and bone (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

We do not currently carry period-correct corsets required for the most accurate level of reenactment dressing.