Reservations & Shipping

Orders:  We do take reservations, but we cannot guarantee a gown will be available until 1-2 weeks before your reservation period. It is always possible that a gown may fail to return on time from a previous rental, and therefore be unavailable. If this happens, we will contact you immediately. The rental period is for 2 weeks - beginning the day your order is shipped and ending the day it is postmarked for return.  

Theatrical Productions: Contact us for information about quantity discounts and longer term rentals for theatrical productions.

Accessories: Free shipping on accessories is available only with an accompanying dress rental. If you would like to rent accessories only, please contact us for shipping prices.

Shipping:  All items are shipped by USPS priority mail (select the free shipping option at checkout rather than the priority mail option) and usually arrive 2-4 days after shipping. Submit the Submit Your Event Dates message so we know when you need your dress. Customer pays return shipping (simply place the items back in the original shipping package, reseal, and ship - be sure to insure the package, let us know it is on its way, and send the tracking number).

Rental Fees & Deposits

Deposits:  Each item will list a rental fee and a deposit amount.  When you add an item to your cart, you are adding the rental fee.  To add the deposit, click the link for Rental Deposits under the Rent menu and select the required amount.  As soon as we receive your item back in original condition, the deposit amount will be credited back to your account.  

Deposit Amounts:  Dress - $100; Hoop - $40; Parasol - $25; Hat - $14; Gloves - $5

Condition:  Items must be returned in original condition.  We handle all cleaning, please do not attempt to clean an item.  If dirt or stains have occurred, send us an email with a photo of the damage.  As long as our cleaner can remove the stains, your full deposit amount will be returned.  If items are damaged (tears, etc.) the cost of repairs will be deducted from the deposit (usually $12-$25).  If items are damaged beyond repair, the deposit will be retained to cover the cost of the item.  Determination of the degree of damage is solely determined by Civil War Ball Gowns; we will do our best to repair any damages, however some damage is too extensive or too visible to restore the gown to rentable condition.  

Late Returns:  Items not returned by the return due date will be considered purchased, and the deposit will not be returned.  We understand that sometimes emergencies happen - if you think you will be late returning an item please contact us first.  Items returned late without prior approval will be charged a late fee of $5 per day.


Size:  Check your measurements carefully before ordering. Rental fees are not refundable. 

All gowns are measured with the gown laying flat on a table.  The bust is measured from underarm seam to underarm seam and the waist is measured from side seam to side seam - these measurements are then doubled to approximate the circumference.  The length is measured from the smallest part of the torso to the hemline as if the skirt dropped straight to the floor (see "Length" below).  Take your measurements over whatever you will be wearing under the dress.  Your measurements should be about 1" smaller than the dress measurements.  

Length:  Remember to consider the hoop you will be wearing when you select a gown.  A 4-bone hoop will shorten the effective skirt length by about 2 inches, and a 6-bone hoop will shorten the effective skirt length by 3-4 inches.

Alterations:  Alterations are not allowed.  Even basting stitches will usually leave stitch marks behind.  Depending on the gown, a basting stitch might be permitted in order to shorten the hem - check with us ahead of time if you are ordering a gown that might need to be shortened.